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Nelna Group CEO, Mr. Sherman Gunatillake participated Gulfood 2015 in Dubai 8-12 February 2015. Nelna Mango products were presented at the show and has received overwhelming demand for its products from the international markets...

  "Each and every second something dramatic is destined to happen. So keep a look out for Nelna mango news, as we update you on the latest mango happenings at our place"  
  17 Reasons why you need a Mango Every day.
Nelna is not just another verity of mango.

Nelna is unique; a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in mango. It is also a part of a philosophy that goes beyond commerce in seeing business as a matter of human service.

Mango is Nature’s gift to mankind. A fruit that heals, protects and refreshes, it is also infinite in variety,
changing subtlety with the natural alchemy of sunshine, soils, wind, rain and temperature. That beautiful variety in mango is as much a challenge as a deliciously indulgent reward for whilst nature gives us a mango to suit every mood, and desire, she demands expertise in understanding and selecting the finest. That expertise can only come from
passionate commitment to mango.